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Carpet Buying Guide

Monday, September 20, 2021 11:56 AM

Choose a well-made carpet and take good care of it, and it will serve you well for up to 25 years. Be sure to consider the function of the space and amount of foot traffic, and the color and style of the carpeting when you are making a purchasing decision. Trendy styles that include pet-friendly brands can be found at Allman's Carpet & Flooring, a carpet store in Bountiful, Utah.

Carpet facts

Carpet is constructed by looping synthetic fibers onto a backing. Short loop pile carpet is most durable. Loops can be cut to create cut pile styles that are softer underfoot. Remember that, while it is more costly, wool is an excellent alternative to synthetic fibers for low-traffic areas.

Nylon and triexta

Triexta is a new fiber that is proving to be similar in strength to nylon. Nylon carpeting has been on the top of the best-seller list for many decades. It resists crushing and matting, and it is treated in the factory for stain resistance. Triexta naturally resists stains.


Polyester carpeting was initially developed to mimic the appearance of more costly wool. However, because it is vibrant in color and appropriate for low-traffic areas, polyester is often the fiber of choice for bedrooms. In addition, eco-friendly brands are composed of recycled plastic.


Olefin resists moisture, and thus, olefin carpet is often placed in basements. A short-loop pile is typical. This floor covering naturally resists fading and stains from spilled Kool-Aid, red wine, and coffee. Choose this fiber for a child's playroom or for a sunroom.


Acrylic is suitable for areas that have low foot traffic. The fiber resists soiling, stains, fire, fading, static electricity, and mildew, and it’s not susceptible to moth damage. Acrylic rugs are popular for bathrooms because they wick water and dry quickly.

Allman's Carpet & Flooring provides a shop at home service, residential and commercial installation, area rug binding, and more. Flooring estimates are free. North Salt Lake, Centerville, Farmington, and Woods Cross, Utah, is located in our service area. To begin your carpet flooring upgrade, stop by our showroom in Bountiful or use our shop at home service.